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Advantages of Intermodal Shipping

The use of intermodal by shippers has been due to a number of reasons. The popularity of shipments that are over the road has greatly increased in the past years. For LTL shipment, intermodal shipping has been faced by unfair product tagging because it receives lower choices. Busy seasons, low number of drivers and rise in trucking rates have contributed to shippers noticing the benefits that they may accrue in case they employ the use of intermodal shipping. Therefore, as a business manager of logistics, it is recommended for you not to overlook some methods of shipping by basing your arguments on the reputation which are outdated. You may have a challenge in finding a routine which works out for you and which you may stick to. The time and cost benefits that are gained from branching out, will be a worth risk to take. The proposition given by intermodal has proved to be much better in relation to highway. There has been an upholding of the efficiency through transportation by rail. Shippers have however been finding out the ways through which they could minimize the costs and lead to service improvement. There has been effective provision of this by the intermodal products. The implementation of these strategies by a shipper should first consider the analysis of the lanes. Through the many benefits that are enjoyed by the shipper, here are a number of the importance accrued from intermodal shipping.

First and foremost, intermodal shipping is needed for your strategy because of the cost. Intermodal shipping is known to have predictable and really stable costs of shipping. The application of this is mainly seen through transportation via rail. The inconsistency of rates have been as a result of shipments being rushed, slightly busy seasons and costs of payment to drivers. In rate matters, the intermodal shipping is considered to be like a tortoise which is both slow and steady. You are advised to consider intermodal shipping in case your shipments are not in any rush and they are being transported for a distance of more than 600 miles. As a shipper, you are required to grasp the advantage of low costs.

Through intermodal shipping, one acquires an efficiency in the energy expenditure. The carbon emission by both the trains and trucks differ as they have emissions of 5.5% and 20% respectively. In case a shipping company would like to adopt a method of shipping which is friendly to the environment, then use of trains is extremely applicable. It is also astonishing to find out out that a single intermodal shipping would carry about the amount of cargo ferried by 270 trucks thereby minimizing the consumption of fuel and the output of carbon.

Reliability is another benefit that is faced through use of intermodal shipping.

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