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The Best Gifts for Bookworms

The rapid and continued technological advancements have made our lives busy by bringing new hobbies that the reading culture seems to be slowly seeping away. Just to highlight how much the reading culture is falling out of favor, twenty-four percent of adult American population didn’t touch a book in the previous year. While reading is getting less and less popular, there are still a few fans left in the world; one whose birthday is coming up. If your friend is a huge reading fan; either physical books or from listening library, here are seven perfect gifts to consider gifting them on their birthday.

The chances of a bookworm possessing bookends are very high, however, you can still offer them a better version than they already possess which they can use in their listening library too. If you have a humorous friend, the chances are they possess a humorous theme that you can enhance by getting them a quirky bookend that looks like small characters holding up a book on their shoulders. Everyone dreams of living in a big house that can accommodate large shelves to display our libraries, but this is not always a possibility hence the need to consider floating shelves as a possibility. While a listening library does not need shelves, consider getting a bookworm friend a floating shelf to maximize the use of the space on the walls.

Buying a new book for a friend with a large collection is challenging since you have to know everything they already have. A book embosser is a perfect device for putting a personal touch on a private collection of books. Lending books out can often result in losing them or getting them in a poor condition, however, by lending your bookworm friend a personal library kit, they can easily keep track of who they lend books from their listening library.

Reading your favorite book as you relax in the bathtub can be very relaxing, however, the issue of the book getting wet can be quite inconveniencing, thus the thought of a bath caddy or book holder. Reading during a luxurious bath is enjoyable and relaxing but it becomes more comfortable if you have a book holder accommodating your phone and a glass of wine too. Listening library has been in existence for quite some time and is a place you can turn to if you want audiobooks for a friend who is always on the move.

The experience of reading a physical book is often unbeatable especially by audiobooks, however, occasionally when a bookworm wants to preserve space or read on the go, an e-reader becomes a good option. Loading an e-reader with friends favorite titles from both personal and listening library is instant and are made available on the go. These gifts discussed above are sure to please that bookworm friend of yours.